"Music and songs in particular have been my life ever since i can remember and my enthusiasm for a lyric, a vocal, a texture and a new project never seems to diminish!" 


In a career spanning 20 years, Julian has worked with the up and coming through to the heavyweights of the music business. Always passionate and creative his collaborations have proved long lasting.

Beginning at age 12 with a classical training followed by periods playing piano and keyboards in all styles, his enduring love of records, and the art of the song lead him to find a home at London's famous Sarm Studios where he spent 5 years working alongside Trevor Horn as arranger and keyboard player, as well as producing for Horn Productions.

As comfortable creating an intimate piano part or conducting a thunderous orchestral score, working with the likes of Seal, Rumer, Laura Welsh...Tileyard or Atlantic A&R and long standing relationships with Trevor Horn and Don Black speak volumes for his musical vision and drive.

The past few years have seen Julian recording, arranging and conducting at London's Angel,  Abbey Road and Sarm Studios; producing for Sony and Warner; MD'ing The Trevor Horn Band and composing for the BBC. He has scored countless string and orchestral arrangements for various artists and he featured as performer and programmer on "Seal 7" .

Last year, Julian reformed his production and writing partnership with Graham Archer, Grammy nominated engineer/producer whom he met whilst at Sarm. Graham's credits include Madonna, Sam Smith, Jeff Beck and Lana Del Ray. 2016 saw them writing with amongst others Zak Abel, Laura Welsh and James Walsh. 

2017 so far.....

Julian featured in the BBC4 documentary "The Secret Science Of Pop" investigating whether there's a formula to the perfect pop production, took to the stage at London's Roundhouse to perform with Ronnie Wood and Imelda May and July sees the release of the Studio Deen/Stan Lee creation for which Julian wrote the theme and much of the incidental music.

Inside Abbey Road Studio - London Symphony Orchestra recording in Studio 1 in 1993.jpg


In a time of ever decreasing recording budgets, Julian's ability to not only score for live orchestra, but also create cinematic soundscapes and in-depth arrangements using samples has been in great demand. 

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